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Address: Block D, No.2 Lianhe Avenue, Luocun, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Cultural concept
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Cultural concept

Corporate culture of Yongkun Electric Machinery Co., Ltd
Specialty creates value and quality makes the future
Mission of Yongkun motor:
To provide our customers with professional, focused, efficient and perfect quality and service, and create real and lasting value. As for the growth of employees in the enterprise, Yongkun motor hopes to strengthen itself, so as to create a greater development platform for employees.
Vision of Yongkun motor:
The whole process is worry free, marketing the world, as long as there is mechanical transmission place, there are Yongkun motor products.
Core values of Yongkun motor:
Customer oriented, team work, integrity, dedication, introspection, respect, gratitude, win-win.
Service concept of Yongkun motor:
Smile and hospitality, proficient in business work, noble quality, and work together with you.
Executive standard of Yongkun motor:
Serious first, smart second; result first, reason second; target, focus on repetition.
"The most" of the four promised by Yongkun Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.:
The best quality and the fastest speed to deliver satisfactory products to your hands, the best solution and the most warm and thoughtful after-sales service to solve the problems you encounter in the use process.

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